Qdoba Introduced a New Menu that Adds more Flexibility and Variety

Qdoba now offers a great variety and flexibility to its customers. This is possible thanks to the introduction of a new menu, called Craft 2. It is currently available at all locations of the company.

The Craft 2 menu allows customers to combine some of the most popular and preferred meals offered at Qdoba. Thus, clients can order smaller-sized dishes of any two meals listed in the menu, including taco, naked burrito, tortilla soup, naked taco salad and quesadilla. The menu costs about $5.99.

Qdoba has a rich assortment of fresh dishes but the aim of the new menu is to give clients increased flexibility. Now all guests are given the opportunity to try more flavors in one serving. Thus, they can try new flavors and simultaneously enjoy their favorite meals. This is an excellent way to expand their experience with Mexican food.

People who are following a balanced diet with reduced calories and fat can also enjoy great meals at Qdoba. The menu includes servings with less than 600 calories. Smaller-sized meals in the Craft 2 menu are also perfect because they contain reduced calories without sacrificing the great taste and nourishing contents.

Qdoba has come up with a wonderful way to promote their new menu. The company has created a funny online game that foresees various life choices of the customers, including their marital partner, the number of children they will have, their job and appropriate meals from the menu. Clients who play the game regularly can enter competition awarding one thousands free coupons for the new menu.